Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day With Gram

Today I spent the whole day with my Grandma, and little brother, Brian. It was great! Gram treated us to Cafe 56 -a cool little cafe with 56 different salad options, but if salad isn't your thing they also offer soup and sandwiches. And everything is delicious and HUGE portions, definitely worth your dollar. I tried "The Gump" it was the lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, fried shrimp, buffalo shrimp, and grilled shrimp, with a garlic red wine vinaigrette (I got it without cucumbers and olives) -IT WAS AMAZING!

After lunch we stopped in Five Below, a dollar store type place, to do some quick and cheap shopping. We found some great deals! I got a book all about my Cleveland Indians, a shamrock car decal, sunscreen-to-go that looks like lipstick (I burn so easily on my nose/cheeks), and a bracelet that claims to help ease pain/stress, and loosen joints (usually I don't believe in these things but since I'm getting a very painful jaw surgery in TWO days I figured any ease of pain will help.) All for under $10! yahoo! My Gram also bought me a recipe book "100 smoothies and juices" she's the greatest grandma :) Brian picked up a 'drinking' helmet.. this is my Grandma wearing it::

while my Grandma got a helmet of her own (there's a Hawk living in her front yard and she's scared to mow the grass without a protective head covering)

Anyways, after Five Below we made a Menchie's run, a frozen yogurt joint. They have a chalkboard where you can leave messages so of course we left a few words...
my message

Gram's and part of Brians..

Brian's message, notice he forgot the "s" in 'was'

Overall it was a great day, and great to be out-and-about before I'm stuck in a hospital for a few days. We had many laughs, and ate some goooood food!

life is good 


  1. Love this post! I can't believe your grandma wears a helmet!! That is scary! And funny because I bet the people that drive by are so confused. Haha

    1. She thought about buying the 'drinking' helmet to stay hydrated during the lawn mowing hahaha that would have been a sight-to-see! But she went with the trusty bike helmet, shes quite a character.


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