Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'Pre-op Mowing'

I went to my grandma's tonight with my parents so my dad could install her new oven. Upon our arrival my grandma was mowing her grass with her old-school push mower. I've never used a push mower before, at least before today. I cut my grandmas backyard for her and holy hell I never want to use a push mower again. I actually got a blister on my foot!! But I'd rather have done it than make my grandma do it. She was so happy I did it for her but felt bad at the same time referring it to "pre-op mowing" since I'm getting my jaw surgery in a week and one day. Thinking back now I should've taken a picture of the lawn mower, but I didn't... oh well. I also helped my gram with her computer -what else is new! Myself, or Randy, is always helping my gram with her computer, usually with email. Anyways, there ya have it. The first time I use a push mower I get a blister. 

tweet of the day: "MensHumor: High schools shouldn't have school zones. If you can't cross the street by the time you're in HS you deserve to get hit"

life is good.

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