Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tomato Soup and The Sitter

I branched out, instead of making another smoothie, or drinking a Boost or Nutriment, I made good ole Campbell's Tomato Soup. Of course, I can't use a spoon yet, so I drank it through a straw. It felt good to have a different taste in my mouth.. and my stomach must be shrinking because I couldn't even finish the can, in fact, I wasn't even close! So I'll probably finish it for lunch today. But I wanted to share because even though I just drank it through a straw, and there was no real breakthroughs made, it still felt good, to "eat" food.

My mom and I also watched the movie The Sitter, with Jonah Hill. It was hilarious! It actually hurt to watch the movie because it hurts to laugh, but I fought through it, and it was worth it. I only give it a B+ because, even though it really wasn't that long, it kinda felt like it dragged a bit.. maybe it's just because my jaw was hurting, I don't know. But it's another letter down on my 101 goal, S -check!

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