Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Very Pinteresting

This past week I've been even more addicted to Pinterest than usual. It's all the down time I have, I need something to occupy my time.. other than just watching movies, and reading books.

So here are my top pins::


one- Wine Glass Holder! This is so creative, I can't believe it took someone until 2012 to figure it out. And so easy to install yourself, just drill a little hole and create a little slit to slide it in place. easy peasy!

two- It isn't worth having. Seriously though, it's not worth it.

three- DIY t-shirt to tank. So simple! I just tried this last night and it worked pretty well. I'm definitely doing it again! love it! Which completes #34 on my 101 list: Make something from Pinterest -check!


four- Be yourself! It's the best person you can be.

five- Sandlot! It's my favorite movie of all time, and one of my favorite sayings. I just love this!

well, those are my top picks..

life is good


  1. hahaha I say you're killin me smalls at least once a week! i want it!

    1. me too! I wish I was skilled in woodwork so I could make it.. I'll have to try to get my little brother or my dad to do it for me. We'll see how that goes haha

  2. That wine glass chair is really inventive. I wish I would've thought of something like that. Haha. Great pins!

    1. isn't it great?! Something so simple, too.


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