Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Today marks FIVE WEEKS since jaw surgery! I cannot believe it. It feels like only a week or so has gone by. But, whats even better than being five weeks in? Being only ONE WEEK away from real food!!! I mean I can kinda chew softly right now, and have already started to try and get used to it, but to really be able to start chewing with doctors orders, that I cant wait for. I'm happy to say I've been completely off my medication for over a week now, and the swelling has reduced significantly. The numbness is still full on in the chin area but I've gotten used to it now, and my lips are almost completely numb free, yaayayayay! Everything is progressing smoothly. Once all the swelling goes away I'll post before and after photos, everyone keeps saying I look really different, but my family and I don't see much of a change. I'll also share some of the hospital pictures then, although they might freak some of you out.. to be frank, I look like hell in those pictures.

Anyways, Happy Thursday! This is a "It's Okay Thursday" and "Thankful Thursday" mash-up. A two-in-one. Buy one get one.

It's OKAY that...

...I started chewing soft foods before my Doc gave me the go-ahead.

...while grocery shopping my mom kept asking me what I thought she should make for dinner -like I could actually eat it.

...I saw an ex-friend the other day and he was extremely rude/disrespectful.

...I haven't told anyone I personally know about my blog -besides my older brother, and Melissa.

...I miss my best friend -she moved from Ohio to Hawaii.

...I've only been to one Tribe game this year so far -time to go to another one.

...I can/will never be a vegetarian, ever -this no-chew diet proves that.

I'm thankful...

...for my friends and family -they give me so much love and support.

...that I'm able to go to the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow.

...that I'm recovering well, and had no problems post-op.

...that the OKC Thunder won game 1 of the NBA Finals.

...for the life God gave me -life is good.

...that I had the opportunity to ride a hot air balloon.

...for blogging and the friendly people I've "met" so far.

life is good.


  1. ugh isn't it the worst running into people like that and wondering why you ever were friends with them in the first place? Brad Paisley tomorow though! yay! How fun - (take and) post photos!

    1. I'm soo excited for Brad Paisley and I promise to actually take pictures -and post them too!

  2. I like that you're one of my only blog friends that actually talks about sports! Too bad OKC lost game two!

    1. haha thanks! I know, it's a shame they lost.. and they had such a good comeback too! OKC needs to come out stronger in the first half, and get the lead early.


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