Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Okay.

Hope everyone had an amazing Independence Day! :)

And although it feels like Monday again, it's actually Thursday.. which means, tonight it's back to the Hambden Country Inn (the little bar by my house.. by the way, I don't drink alcohol every time I go there. I'm not an alcoholic.) And it also means tomorrow is Friday -which means sand volleyball for me. yayayay!

Saturday will be my first day back at Beans Coffee Shop. I'm excited because it's Allison and I working so I know it'll be a good time, but I'm also kinda nervous. I haven't worked in about 2 months -what if I don't remember everything? I used to be really good, and know everything there was to know. But now I'm sure a few things are different, or newly added, and then there's the register that has soo many buttons that I used to know, and hopefully still do. I guess we'll find out.



...I start work again on Saturday.

...I'm sore from working out.

...Chardon got rain on the two days planned for fireworks and football when we've been in a drought for the past two months.

...I still can't bite into foods because I can't open my mouth wide enough yet. family has $1,900 worth of fireworks in our garage for Saturday night.

...I cannot wait for tonight//tomorrow night//Saturday night.

...during the summer I'm busy EVERY weekend.

...there's only 26 more days until I'll be in flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.

...there's only 37 more days until Melissa's bachelorette party in Niagara Falls, Canada.

...I only have 32 more days until my life will be consumed with coaching volleyball, again.

...I can't wait to coach again this season.

Happy Thursday! 
life is good


  1. Visiting from It's Okay Thursday!

    I totally feel you on the whole being busy every weekend of the summer. No lie, I got out my calendar to try and plan a little trip to Dallas and figured out I have ONE free weekend between now and September. How does that happen!?!


    1. at least I'm not the only one! thanks for visiting!

  2. $1,900?! That sounds like such a blast!! Have fun!

    1. haha yepp! And that's nothing. My little brothers grad party we had about $2,300 worth of fireworks!


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