Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vent Sesh.

Today I'm venting.

I'm stressed, and frustrated, and today sucked.

First, I had to work. Then we had our first volleyball game, which we lost. Then I come home to see my mom made spaghetti (I hate spaghetti), and then my dad tells me that tomorrow a lady is coming to put my cat down -she's 18 and starting to go downhill. I've had her since I was four. I don't remember life without her around. So yea, I had a crap day. No, I had a shit day. SHIT.

So, tomorrow, by the time I get home from practice my cat that I've had my entire life will be dead. aaagggggghhhhh hfbsdhfsdjbfjksdfsdhfisfkdssdb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's how I feel right now.


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