Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update - Hawaii

Had a phenom volleyball practice. I wish I had access to the fun picture the team took so I could show y'all, they're a bunch of crazy girls. One of the girls wrote on the chalkboard. She thinks I have a boyfriend named "Cilantro" but apparently spelled like Salontro. And often adds poncho afterwards. I don't know why.

After practice myself, Al, Gilda, and Katlyn (Beans Girls) went to dinner to say farewell to Katlyn. She left us for a big girl job. Moved on to bigger and better things. Dinner was at Joey's Italian Grill, I ordered the Chicken Bruschetta Pizza (which I've ordered before) and it was just as good as the last time I had it. Delish! I absolutely love bruschetta. YUM!

Another fun practice for the girls. And then just a lot of TV watching with Mom. She caught up on the shows she missed Thursday night. I saw most of them already, but The Office and Parks&Rec are so hilarious that I re-watched them. I love those shows.
I absolutely love dark chocolate. I like it way more than reg milk chocolate. And my Mom knows that, which is why she bought me dark chocolate covered pretzels.

One of my weaknesses.. chocolate covered pretzels.. let alone dark chocolate covered pretzels. They are amazeballs! After catching up on shows, and filling up on dark chocolate pretzels, I watched The Sandlot. Anyone that knows me knows that The Sandlot is my all time favorite movie, and I lovelovelove when ABCFamily plays it. The night ended with a surprise visit from Malone who stopped by for a bit just to catch up while she was home for Fall Break.

Woke up bright and early at 550am to open Beans. After work I relaxed the rest of the night, I was beat. My body//mind isn't used to waking up that early. I watched The Burbs for the 47384 time -that movie never gets old. hilarious! Then Big Daddy was on TV before the Bucks game so I watched that for a while before watching the Bucks come out victorious yet again! It was close until the 4Q when the Buckeyes pulled away. A real high scoring game too, 63-38! I was so tired from work that I actually missed the first two touchdowns of the game because I kept dozing off. But then I forced myself to stay up and watch, I made it through the rest of the game except the last like four minutes or so. O-H!

I watched the Browns lose again.. what else is new. Then enjoyed an early dinner at Cleats with the parents. I got the Texas Hold 'Em burger -topped with onion straws, bacon, and barbeque sauce, delish!!
As soon as we got back from eating at Cleats my Dad ate wings that we ordered to-go for later that night. Dude is effed!
Then Rand and Melis came over to share their honeymoon adventure and pictures galore. I'm excited to announce the generous gifts they brought back for me:
an awesome handmade bracelet!
and a sweet cup that says "Hang Loose Hawaii" super cool!

Aren't they the nicest?? They know me so well! Thanks Randy&Melissa!

How was your weekend?

life is good


  1. Fun presents they brought you back!!
    I totally agree about dark chocolate, I like it so much better. I'm going to be on the look out for those pretzels.

    1. The pretzels are so addicting, I love them!


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