Thursday, November 29, 2012

so this is what 23 feels like...

first things first, my birthday was yesterday. thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes!

celebration number one.. the Cavs game. I had a blast! myself, Erin, Al, Scott, and Heather, went. I had won four tickets so only Heather needed to purchase one, and the seats weren't too bad. they weren't the best seats I've ever sat in, but they definitely weren't the worst either. plus there was this awesome older black couple sitting in front of us and they were hysterical! cheering loud and proud, dancing, chatting with us, it was funny. not to mention jamming out in the car, almost getting lost, finding and waving to my friend who works at the Q arena, making friends, etc etc. the only bad thing was that the Cavs lost. oh well.

go Cavs!
Erin and I cheering on Danny "Boobie" Gibson
Erin, Me, Al

celebration number two... birthday dinner at Danny Boys! I had my 21st at Danny Boys, and possibly even went there for my deuces birthday (that's 22) can't remember. but the point is, I really like that place. I got one of the pizzas, it had NO red sauce, spinach and artichoke dip, chicken, and potato chips. yea. it was delish. a good time spent with the fam, even Gram came to celebrate, and I was able to enjoy a nice long island ice tea, yum!

celebration number three and four... to come this weekend, look for a post next week.

gifts! oh, the gifts. I got some pretty legit stuff. where to begin....
well, the night of the Cavs game Al gave me a Melt giftcard! I lovelovelove that place.
Mom and Dad got me.. a new belt, new shoes, two off-brand Under Armour type things, new dress pants, and Mockingjay. I have the bestest parents!
Brian got me.. an awesome new jacket that is camo-ish. I'll show a picture another time, it's a bit too big so we're going to exchange for a smaller size. I swear I have the best family.
Gram got me.. lottery tickets, and a new PJ shirt. seriously, the best family.
and last but not least, Randy and Melissa got me.. balloons, a bottle of wine, and two books (one about the Ohio State Reformatory --I really wanna go there one day! and one about the Willoughby Ghost Walk we went on earlier this year) they know me so well... not to mention the wrapping job was top notch.  
I'm telling you, I have the BEST family!

the spongebob balloon says "soak it up" as in, soak up the alcohol
Randy and Melissa's gifts
wrapping paper, homemade, with Aaron from Ghost Adventures!
and one with Zak Bagans, also from Ghost Adventures!

along with the best family, I also have the best friends. again, thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes!!!!

and to Jenn @ Party of One for the Burt's Bees pack! talk about perfect timing.

sorry that all my pictures do not look professional what-so-ever. they were all taken with my phone.

anyways, one more time for good measure... thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes, y'all are too kind! and don't forget you can hop over to my new sponsor page and get a free ad spot!

Happy Thursday!
life is good


  1. It all looks so fun! I'm glad you had such a good time, and got awesome gifts ;)

  2. Happy late Birthday girl! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. thank you! I did have a good time, and more festivities to look forward to tomorrow!


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