Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update - Gobble Gobble

started off by not sleeping and going to K-mart for a pre-Black Friday sale. from that it was home to sleep for 2 hours before playing in the annual Turkey Bowl game. the Turkey Bowl is always a fun time, one of my most favorite traditions.
the gang.
after playing football it was home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and catch another hour of sleep -that's three hours total so far. Dinner was at Mos parents house, and it was delish! another great turkey day with the family. after stuffing my face, and finalizing plans for Black Friday, Mo and I left dinner to get our shopping on.. I don't typically buy a lot on BF I just go to help Mo get things for my little cousins.. but occasionally I'll find a sweet deal on something.

carrying over, we shopped until 7am.. that would make being up for 46 hours with only 3 hours of sleep, a new personal best for me. we got everything we wanted, as always. we're self proclaimed professional BF shoppers.. although we should be nationally recognized for it.. BFP (Black Friday Professionals). I meant to bring my flip so I could capture some of the ridic moments but I forgot, naturally. but I did get some great deals. I scored:: a tv for Gram, a few items for my cousins, a small but cool item for Mom, and even a few things for Melis. after hours of shopping it was home to sleep. the rest of the day I just lounged in sweats and watched Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Four Christmases, and Fred Claus. I was still exhausted.

BUCKEYE NATION!! my Buckeyes defeat the team up north to finish with an undefeated season!! O-H!! UrbanRenewal. BuckeyeNation. SilenceTheDoubters.
other than 'the game' I didn't do much. it's just Mom and I for the weekend, all the boys went down to southern Ohio for more hunting.

YEA BROWNIES!! my Browns beat the Steelers!!!!! enjoyed watching that victory, and then enjoyed dinner at Mangia Mangia. it was delish, I got the chicken madison -chicken with mushrooms in a white wine sauce.. kinda like chicken marsala but even better. and then Mom and I stopped at DQ to get a birthday cake for me.
elf-style at DQ.

11/19-11/25 Goals
1:: have a successful//fun Black Friday.
2:: enjoy Thanksgiving with my family//friends.
3:: finalize plans for the Cavs game.
4:: go to the Ortho.
5:: watch 25 Days of Christmas. :)

these goals were pretty easy, I did it purposely cause I knew with Thanksgiving I'd be busy. 5/5!

 11/26-12/2 Goals
1:: get my car e-checked.
2:: get my license plate stickers renewed.
3:: have a great time at the Cavs game.
4:: enjoy my 23rd birthday.
5:: pack//prepare for OU.

p.s. only one more day for this awesome giveaway!!

life is good


  1. I love the "enjoy my 23rd birthday" one!! You better celebrate the heck out of it. Nice job on all the black friday deals, sounds like you really scored!

    1. oh I will! Cleveland Cavaliers game tomorrow and Ohio University this weekend, with a birthday dinner in between.. should all be good times!

  2. Look at you Ms. FIVE FOR FIVE! I'm excited for you :) HAPPY early birthday! When is it?! I wish I would have known! I'd have put a birthday card in the package I sent to you today ;)

    Good luck with you goals this week! I know you can do it! Have a a great week :)

    1. thank you! my birthday is tomorrow (November 28) :)

  3. I love your blog! LOVE the name :)

  4. Great job last week! I hope you had a great birthday week! Thanks for linking up with us!!


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