Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update - GalsNightIn

worked. then home to finish season six of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and watch Ghost Adventures. typically I have a semi-exciting life, but January/February are slow months for me, hence my lame weekends.

worked. then a much needed girls night in. Ashley and Erin came over and we j chilled in my basement, talking, looking through high school year books, and watching Food Network, SNL, and Pawn Stars. while snapchatting pictures of ourselves to each other. yepp. that's how a twenty-three year old and two twenty-two year olds spent their Saturday night. but my excuse is that there was too much snow to venture anywhere. and my Philly Flyers killed the Panthers. Go BSchenn and Matty Read! congrats to Matty for getting his first NHL hat trick, woot woot!

consisted mostly of watching Food Network and listening to country music. with a little hockey, sports center, and college hoops thrown in.

1/21-1/27 Goals
1:: laundry
2:: get season six of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
3:: organize movies
4:: finish the book I'm reading
5:: buy the country MegaTicket

didn't really get anywhere with my movies, but that's okay. wasn't super important. otherwise I did pretty well, 4/5. I'll take it.

1/28-2/3 Goals
1:: organize movies
2:: get ahead in my online class
3:: attend the Lake Erie Monsters game Thursday
4:: watch the 49ers win the superbowl
5:: continue wearing/cleaning my retainters

life is good



  1. I like your weekly goal thing. I need to get on that because I never seem to complete anything!!

    1. Ehh... maybe step the goals up a little though. #3 and #4 are pretty weak and #5 is something you pretty much have to do anyways...

      Have a fantastic day!
      ~Concerned Follower

    2. Melissa- it's a fun link-up, you should totally do it!

      Concerned Follower (Randy)- yes, #3 is weak. #4 very well could not happen though. and #5 is suggested by my Ortho, but technically I could be a rebel and ignore their suggestion. which I've done in the past.

  2. I should start weekly goals too. I usually try to remember things I have to do on a specific week, but I think writing it down is better!

    1. it's a fun link-up and motivational too! it usually helps me stay on track with what I want to accomplish, I definitely recommend it!


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