Thursday, March 14, 2013

it's okay that it's tbt.

it's okay that...

...I have to close both Friday and Saturday at work.'s ridiculously cold in my house today.
...the sunshine is gone and it's snowing.
...I got an 'influenster' account, but have zero points so far.
...I got a swagbucks account and I'm racking up my swag so I can get free stuff.
...I thought the Flyers game started at 7 instead of 730. Flyers got 'Sanduskyed' too soon?
...St Patrick's Day is in three days!
...all my money will be used for alcohol consumption this weekend.

pet peeves...

...when people don't push in their chairs. it takes a whole second, do it.
...people not driving the speed limit. I think everyone hates this though.
...when someone bashes the Browns. I know we suck, I don't have to hear it from everyone and their mothers. so shut up.
...when non-fat girls say "I'm so fat." you're just looking for attention and I refuse to give it to you, so now we're just going to sit awkwardly in silence.. thanks for that.

for todays tbt I give you...

the shirt says "I can do it myself!" ain't that the truth.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love that shirt!
    Hehe, I did not know much about the Browns before I moved to Ohio (we Germans don't know much about American football) but I learned a little bit of their history and I hope they will do better soon!

  2. Look at your cute little self! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. That photo is too cute.
    " Flyers got 'Sanduskyed' too soon?" LOL

  4. Loving the multiple post! For your RT - the last one. All the way. Just shut up and eat some fries, why dontcha. Thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. I wish it was cold in my house. SoCal is getting some crazy hot weather lately and I am definitely not a fan; this girl hates to sweat.

    Yes on the skinny chicks fishing for compliments. I'm with Em, just shut up & eat some fattening food already!

  6. I love Influenster!! I just received their Voxbox a few weeks ago... and it's awesome!

  7. I have a swag bucks account and have no clue what I'm doing. I got nothing yet.
    as someone who drives two hours a day for work I can't stand people who think 10 under the limit is acceptable.
    thanks for linking up!


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