Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"yeah, it's St. Paddy's Day, everyone's Irish tonight"

^ name that movie... Boondock Saints

I didn't post yesterday, cause well... let's be honest... I drank a shit ton of booze Saturday night and Sunday. and was extremely tired, that I didn't even bother to write up a post. so here's my weekend update.

worked. then took it easy. I watched the Philly Flyers game which they won, and painted my nails green.

worked. quick stop at home before heading over to Randy&Melissa's to pre-game. we went to Downtown Willoughby with a bunch of their buddies, and Ashley came out too, and we celebrated St Paddy's Day Eve. it was such a fun night.  hilarious, and awesome. oh, and I made a version of the Shamrock Shake, but I called it the Slainte Shake. Slainte (pronounced like slawn-cha) means cheers.

Randy with little hat, big hat.

got up and ready to go to CLE for the parade. we made it down there about 2ish, and drank away the day. I saw like 24 seconds of the parade. it was fun, but Saturday night takes the cake.

hope everyone had an awesome St Patrick's Day! Slainte!


  1. I <3 Boondock Saints, it's my second favorite movie (after Empire Records, obvs)
    That photo of your brother is hilarious.

  2. Are you in the Philly area?

    Hilarious big hat little hat. I love it.


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