Thursday, April 11, 2013


Randy, Brian, me (1997)

the top two pop songs of 1997 are//were...

video quality sucks. sorry.

 SmashMouth - Walking on the Sun
Hanson - MMMbop

that's all I have for you today...  last night I hung out with Randy//Melissa//Lois for a bit, I'm excited to dog sit Lo-baby on Saturday! Happy Thursday, I'm off to the ortho for a retainer check-up today.. proud to say it's my first visit since January when I got my braces off! I so do not miss that place. hopefully this visit is quick and painless.  

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  1. Aww I love photos of little Cassie! So much younger than me, I was old when those songs came out! In jr high.

  2. Aww, such a cute picture! I have listened to these songs over and over!

  3. Such a cute pic!! I wasn't a huge Hanson fan, but I do now have that song stuck in my head and I don't mind :-)
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. My best friend in high school loved MMM Bop. She would sing and dance to it all the time.

    Thanks for linking up. :)


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