Thursday, May 23, 2013

the end of it's okay

it's okay that...

this link-up is coming to an end.
it's not supposed to be ridic warm for Memorial Day weekend.
I have to close work tonight.
I won't see my best friend for a month.
the Tribe lost to the Tigers. (no that's not okay, eff Detroit!)
I don't feel like working out, but I know I should.
I'm extreme excited for my Melt leftovers.
I have Saturday off from work.
family friends have an awesome pool and throw a pool party on Memorial Day.

my boys have been doing excellent. they're 1st in the AL Central, with a record of 26-19. they've been doing amazingly lately. I hope they continue to keep up the good work. I wish they would have beat the Tigers though. now we're only .5 games ahead of them for 1st, as opposed to the 2.5 we were. the Tribe plays the Red Sox next, then the Reds after that. ROLL TRIBE!


  1. Im from New York and I wish it would warm! Its going to hit the low 60's over here :/
    Just came across your blog from the link up!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to continue reading your blog!


  2. I'm jealous of your fun pool party this weekend- I'm from NJ and like Christina said above me, it's gonna be chilly!

    Stopping by from the link-up! :)

  3. I don't feel like working out either. I want to go running the whole time but haven't been at all.

  4. I think it's weird that (at least in Columbus) we've had 80 degree weather and will again starting Tuesday, but for the long weekend we'll be lucky to hit 70. Bizarre, but it'll still be fun!


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