Tuesday, July 9, 2013


here we are again. and boy have some of my opinions changed.

quick run down again for ya.

Nick:: you're still my favorite. you remind me of BB player Dan. I want you to win. go get em!

Spencer//Judd:: the plan for keeping Elissa for the mvp vote, brilliant, I hope it works out for you guys. y'all impressed me.. good job!

Amanda:: you've impressed me and disappointed me. standing up for yourself with the whole wine debacle -impressed. crawling into bed with Crea - ew.

Crea:: I still think you're weird. but I also think you have the ability to go somewhat far, if you play your cards right.

Jeremy:: I don't like you.

Aaryn:: I thought you were cool. you're not. you're a rude, disrespectful, bitch. drinking the wine when everyone agreed to wait was shady. good luck getting America on your good side, you're donezo. (sidenote, she got fired from her job because she's made homosexual remarks, and racists remarks. real classy, bitch.) and what's with that freaky clown? damn thing is going to come alive and kill someone.

Kaitlin:: I watched nearly an entire episode before I even saw your face. who are you?

Helen:: you're a nice person, I hope you make it far, but you're gonna have to man-up to do that. hang in there!

Andy:: don't have any probs with you other than that dreaded cat shirt.

Howard:: with the exception of forgetting to hold you're breath underwater you're a normal person. good luck, I hope you do well.

Elissa:: you're more tolerable than Rachel will ever be. thank you for that. I surprisingly like you. I hope you help out the 'moving company' and go far in this game.

Candice:: you were growing on me until you started talking about Nick and figuring out their 'moving company' alliance. now I think you're too smart. you might have to go byebye.

GinaMarie:: still don't really like you. (sidenote, she's also been fired for making racist comments.)

Jessie:: I'm glad David went home, but that doesn't mean I don't want you gone either. you're still annoying. and a total weirdo following Nick around, wtf.

David:: thank the Lord you're gone. now go shave all your nasty hair off.

on the block:: Helen and Elissa.
mvp:: I think Elissa will get it again, and nominate Jeremy or GM (since Aaryn is HoH).
eviction:: I hope Elissa doesn't go, but unless she gets veto she just doesn't have the numbers.


  1. uhhh dittto... I want to kill Aaryn. she definitely sucks and has NO idea what she is doing..and I think helen is the biggets baby ever... shes on big brother.. grow a pair and stop crying every 3 seconds.

    overall I am not IN LOVE with anyone yet..

  2. I can not stand Aaryn either! She is a horrible person! I am glad she was fired and the same with Gina Marie! I also want Helen to stop crying!


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