Friday, August 2, 2013

are you ready for some football?!

I love football. and I'm not one of those girls that "love" football but really have no idea whats going on. I actually know whats happening, have favorite teams and players, and all that jazz. so naturally I'm participating in this awesome link-up.

my NFL teams::

#1- The Cleveland Browns. duh, I'm from the CLE. love my Brownies, and will support them always and forever. one of these years will be our year. here we go Brownies, here we go! woof woof!
#2- Green Bay. what can I say, they're good. and I like a good number of their players. plus Randy was always a Pack follower, so I kinda grew up thinking they're good.
#3- St Louis Rams. solely for Mr. James Laurinatis, former Ohio State Buckeye.
#4- Chicago Bears. solely for Dane Sanzenbacher, former Ohio State Buckeye.

(basically I stick with my Brownies)

my NFL boys::

like I stated above, James Laurinatis and Dane Sanzenbacher. my two favorite Buckeyes. I still support both of them as professionals.
Phil Dawson. but that's still a touchy subject with me, and I'll never be okay with the fact that my Brownies got rid of him when he was our best player.
Aaron Rodgers. who doesn't love him, I mean really.

college ball teams:: (I like watching college football more than nfl.)

#1- THE Ohio State Buckeyes. I am from the Buckeye state, but aside from that the Buckeyes are the best damn team in the land. Go Bucks!
#2- Kent State. I'll throw my Flashes on this list I guess.
#3- Oregon. I don't know why but I like the Ducks.

teams I despise:: Pittsburgh Steelers. Michigan. Florida Gators. LSU. Baltimore Ravens.

can't wait for football season!!


  1. See, I hated that you immediately loved on the Browns. But then made up for it by a little O-H shout-out for the Buckeyes AND by hating on thost nasty steelers ;)

    I love hearing how much all these awesome blogger girls love football! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. If we can't agree on teams we love, we can totally agree on the teams we hate! BOO LSU BOO FLORIDA!!

  3. Yes, another college football loving girl! BUT, I should say this quietly... I'm obsessed with the SEC so we clearly don't even come close to agreeing on teams! :) That's ok... we can agree to disagree!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly on the teams you despise. I would also add U of Wisconsin.

    But I know you secretly loooove the Hawkeyes :)

  5. You sound like me with having your number 1 nfl team & then others based on former players from your college team.
    College is where it's AT!
    I'm a GA Bulldawg, but we can both hate the gators together!

  6. Well, it seems like you must hate the Steelers when you are a Browns fan. Right?


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