Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I love that America is the mvp and the house guests don't know. they're going to freak when they find out. I think I want Judd to win, but game play wise Helen deserves it.

Aaryn:: I'm glad you stuck to your word with Helen, but I still think you're a mean person.

Amanda:: calm the fuck down. you're spazzing out too much lately, people are going to start hating you, including America. take it easy.

Andy:: keep doing what you're doing, no one's bringing up your name so you must be doing something right.

Candice:: you're annoying, and unless you get veto you're probs going home this week.

Elissa:: I'm surprised you're still in the house. more power to ya.

GM:: STOP WITH THE NICK OBSESSION. seriously. stop it.

Helen:: you're running this whole thing and no one wants to get you out, good job!

Jessie:: you're still annoying.

Judd:: you crack me up.

Crea:: you're playing a smart game, but you better get Amanda under control or she's going to hurt you in the end.

Spencer:: your time is ticking my friend, better win an HoH and make some deals.

HoH:: GM, not sure how you pulled that one out
on the block:: Candice and Jessie
mvp nominee:: I think Amanda
evicted:: I think Candice, unless Amanda gets put up then possibly her.


  1. i just like that someone's name is Helen since that's eerily close to my name- is that weird?

  2. I really think that Candice is going home but I want Amanda out..I am tired of her running around in her drawers!

  3. I'm really hoping that Amanda will go home instead of Candace. The power in the house is just majorly imbalanced.


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