Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm so bummed Judd got out, I thought he was hilarious.

Aaryn:: you're being a little better, at least I can handle you again. if you keep up the nice act you could stick around for a while.

Amanda:: I can't wait for you to find out that it was America who nominated you with the mvp votes. we don't like you, no one likes you.

Andy:: finally you're getting into the game.. time to get some blood on those hands.

Elissa:: the first few weeks you came out guns blazin, now you haven't done anything fun lately. I want to see some drama, thanks.

Helen:: you're running this whole damn season and no one has mentioned your name for a nominee yet, so you must be doing something right, but you might want to tone it down or you'll be going up.

GM:: I didn't like you from the very first day, now I still don't like you. in fact, within the past week you've managed to make me dislike you even more than I already had. shut your face and grow up.

Jessie:: didn't like you in the beginning because you were cocky as all hell. but you've grown more tolerable, I don't want you to go home this week so try to make a deal or two.

Crea:: I love that you didn't just let Amanda beat you in the HoH comp. you could potentially win this whole thing, if Amanda doesn't bring you down.

Spencer:: you're staying alive, but I think your time is ticking away. gotta win an HoH here soon.

nominees:: Jessie and Spencer.
eviction:: I think Jessie.

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