Friday, January 3, 2014

goal schmoal

everywhere I look I see and/or hear people making goals, talking about goals, or already destroying their goals.

I'm not a resolution person. why make a goal for myself that we all know I'm not going to stick to for a whole damn year. geez, 365 days? that's too long.

but I feel like I should maybe do something to up my productivity. I'm kinda over the 101 list to be honest. so I may exnay that and just go with this::

14 is the number this year, so 7 things I shall do. that makes sense, right?

1. clean my room. I mean really clean it, like Stephanie style decluttering. I have way too much shit that just needs new homes.

2. organize movies. I need to do serious organization on my movie collection.

3. healthy eating. just watch what I eat, some ice cream here and there is fine, but I'm gonna try to snack on healthier items.

4. read 15 books. 15 is a lot for me, I don't have a lot of time to read but I do enjoy it. in 2013 I read 16, so lets see if I can do it again.

5. catch up on movies. I haven't seen a lot of movies that are apparently really great, like Dumb and Dumber and Hook. so I need to catch up on my Netflix queue.

6. be patient. I'm going to work on being more patient. I always feel rushed, I always want to get things done immediately.

7. less clothes. clean out my closet. I have too many hoodies/shirts that go unworn, they need new homes.

did you make any goals for the new year?


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  1. YES to de-cluttering! You will love how you feel with less stuff :) Good luck!!

  2. I am not very good at being patient so I definitely need to work on this as well! Good luck with everything!

  3. I love getting rid of stuff. It makes me feel fresh!


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