Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Five for... Wednesday?

Okay so it's not Friday yet.. but since tomorrow I will not be able to post anything, and probably not Friday either.. in fact, I might be out this whole weekend for blogging.. because I'm getting jaw surgery TOMORROW, I figured why not do a High Five for Friday today. I'd do an It's Okay Thursday but I don't really have anything to write for that, my life is pretty good right now.. aside from surgery.

My Five Favs

I got to see, and spend an entire day with my Gram. (I posted all about our day 2 posts ago..check it out!)

 I had an awesome weekend. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Randy, Melissa, Mike, and Lindsey.. (I also posted about this earlier too!)

 The Avengers. Great movie, its a must see! AND it was confirmed yesterday that a sequel is in progress, yahoo!!

Mail. My Great Aunt Judy sent me a "thinking of you" card, letting me know that she'll be praying for me during my surgery... AND attached was $25 Outback Steakhouse gift card! So when I can eat again I can get a nice, big, meaty steak. yumm! I really do have the best family ever. 

Food. Melt, Skyline, Cafe 56, and Menchies. My last few meals and each one was amazing! I tried to savor the foods as much as possible, and remember what they taste like. JUNE 21st can't come soon enough.

life is good

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