Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Belive and You Will Acheive

I said I would blog about all my 101 goals, so here's more that I just accomplished..

8- Write a letter to open in 10 years, check!  In 10 years when I read this letter to myself I'm sure I'm going to crack up the whole time. It's pretty funny.

85- Write a letter to open after 1001 days, check! This one was pretty basic, nothing like my 10 year letter, but I'm sure it'll still make me laugh. I'm just interested to see how things are different for me in three years and then again in ten.

88- Make a list of places I want to visit, check! This one was pretty easy. I only have a few places that I really want to go to.. this was my list:: Ireland, California, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Mexico. I've already been to Mexico once (it was a cruise destination) but I was like 8 years old or so, and I'd like to go again someday.

well, there ya have it. A few more goals achieved.. this is easy peasy! :)

life is good.


  1. i should absolutely make a list like this. and mexico ... love. we got married in Cozumel in 2010. my all-time favorite place to travel. it's easy, fun and cheap. :)

    1. I definitely recommend making a 101 in 1001 list, it's so much fun already and I just started a few days ago! Check out my 101 page to see my whole list. Congrats on the marriage, and thanks for the follow -I look forward to following you! :)


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