Thursday, May 24, 2012

OK Thurs, 2.

It's okay that it's Thursday! Linking up with Amber @ Brunch with Amber and Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup

it's okay...

  • that my best friend moved away.
  • that I can't eat food.
  • that I 'ate' rice yesterday, even if it kinda hurt a little.. it was worth it.
  • that it's only been 2 weeks post-op even though it feels like its been wayyy longer.
  • that I'm still taking my medicine here and there.
  • that don't have any money flow right now because I can't work.
  • to still buy a few things even though I don't have any income.
  • that I've only lost 10 pounds still even though I haven't been eating anything, and only drinking smoothies/protein shakes. 
  • that only my right side of my face/jaw hurts me, and I find that odd.
  • to still watch Food Network even though I can't eat.
  • to feel upset when my mom makes a dinner I love.
  • to constantly want food, and think about it, and talk about it.
  • that I only have three followers.
  • that I literally do nothing all day.

well, there ya have it.. IT'S OKAY.

life is good


  1. I'm so happy that you're getting better and better every day. And don't you fret about shedding for the wedding, you'll look fabulous. And it is definitely okay that you do nothing all day! You've been working your tooshy off these last few months! You deserve it. Not so much the jaw surgery, but the vacation! :o)

    1. haha thanks Melis! I'm definitely enjoying the vacation, but I do miss my Beans Coffee Shop gals.

  2. I'm with Melissa ... try not to fret and it sounds like you're not since you're doing an 'ok thursday' post. :) you will look ahhhhmazing for sure. and it will be the best day of your life. just keep focusing on that. and I would totally be watching the Food Network. And pinning recipes and recipes and more recipes on pinterest. ;)

    1. thanks! :) but just to clarify, it's not my own wedding.. it's actually Melissa's, she's going to be my sister-in-law! and I will most definitely keep pinning recipes and once I can eat them I'll blog about them, too.


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