Friday, May 25, 2012

Five for Fri, 3.

It's Friday, but it's not just Friday, it's the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. For a lot of you that means an extra day of no work.. so to all of you with no work I say, Slainte (which means cheers in Gaelic), let's celebrate with a for High Five for Friday!

my five favs

yoo-hoo! I mean, who doesn't love yoo-hoo? 
my mom was kind enough to buy me some :) 

Steak & Shake run with Ashley and Erin.
Mocha Milkshake, yumm! 

 Hershey Bars.
breaking off little pieces and letting it melt in my mouth.
credit given to Mrs. Fellows for giving me that tip, and providing the Hershey's.

Campbell's Chicken and Stars.
my dinner last night, some soup spiced up with a little Tabasco.
a good break from smoothies, and protein shakes.

The Internet.
without the internet, I'd be dying. literally.
I found a website that suggested 'food' for people on liquid diets.. and I cannot wait to try them.. hopefully with more choices I'll feel satisfied. 

life is good


  1. ha, i don't know if i have ever even had a yoo-hoo but it reminds me of the earlier seasons of FRIENDS because Chandler loved them.

    cute blog you have!!

    1. yoo-hoo's are a must try, they're delish! FRIENDS is a great show. And, thanks! I like your blog as well -very cool! :)

  2. Hi cassie - I am a new follower - hope you will drop by and do the same.
    I actually have 2 blogs - and


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