Friday, May 18, 2012

More 101

I started stacking a bunch of old clothes in my closet, and I finally took them all out and bagged it up to donate. Which completes number 45: Donate old clothes -check!

Along with completing that 101 goal, I also was able to start working on number 9: Clean out my closet.. still working on it, but I at least got it started.

And I watched another movie, In Time, number 7: Watch a movie I haven't seen yet for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Letter I is now completed.. but still have 24 letters to go! In Time had a cool concept, it's the movie with Justin Timberlake, and Amanda Seyfried. They live in the future where time is your life, you live until you're 25 years old and then are given one more year to live unless you can get more time. Which is a different perspective, it's almost as if their 'time' is our 'money', the more money we have the better we live. But, and maybe its just because the whole concept of life in the movie, it was not believable at all. Like not at all. I like the kinds of movies that I can relate to, or that are so well done no matter what it's about it feels real. So I rate In Time just an average C. Could have been better.

On a different, more random note, I need to start reading again. I have a bunch of books to be read, and I'm in the middle-ish of two books. I think I'll continue with one of them tonight, if I have time, if not tomorrow for sure. 

Anyways, both Erin and Ashley stopped by today to visit with me while I'm stuck at home. And my Uncle Mike, Aunt Gina, and cousins Ben, and Hayley, are coming by tonight for a visit. I really do have the best family. Well that's all for now!

life is good

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