Friday, May 18, 2012

Five for Fri, 2.

It's Friday, and although it doesn't really mean much to me now because I'm not working and I'm off school, it's still Friday. So here's my 2nd High Five for Friday, I'm linking up with Lauren From my Grey Desk.

my five favs

1- my family, and friends
This week has been pretty intense while healing from jaw surgery but my family and friends were there every step of the way. All my close friends visited me, and more family are to visit tonight. They've given me so much support and for that I am soo thankful.

2- Jaw Surgery
okay so it's not my "favorite" thing, but I needed to get it done and now it's overrrr! Well, at least the actual surgery is, still working on the healing process. For three years I knew I needed the surgery, and I finally was able to get it. yayy!

3- Gatorade, apple juice, Boost
ahhh, the joys of a liquid diet. These three drinks are what got me through this week. I wasn't in the mood to drink anything, but I could always get these down. 

4- Well Wishes
I received soo many cards from soo many people.. and flowers too! I've never felt more loved. I'm soo blessed! Here's a photo of all the cards...
5- Red Solo Cup Wine Glass
my new favorite glass.. it's a red solo cup secured to a fancy wine glass stem stand thing.. here's a picture...
 this is what it looks like. My friends Erin/Ashley got it for me. Apparently they sell them at Hallmark, of all places. hahah I think it's hilarious!

well, there ya have it. My top five favorite things from this past week.

life is good <3

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