Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beans Coffee Shop

I've mentioned Beans Coffee Shop before, and most definitely will mention it again. Beans is where I work, located in the heart of Chardon, Ohio, on the historic Chardon Square. It's just a little coffee shop, nothing too fancy, or spectacular. Although, if you're ever in the area I would definitely recommend stopping in and checking it out! We're not just the same old grind!:) Unlike most people, I can honestly say that I like my job. Sure sometimes I wish I didn't have to work and could sleep in, or you get that occasional customer that you just don't want to deal with.. but I mean, everyone has those off days. But for the most part the customers are not an issue, and I have a great relationship with my boss.

But, what I really, really, love is the people I work with. My  co-workers are the bomb-diggity! Each one of them. We are like our own family.. and I wouldn't change a thing about anyone. Let me introduce you to them::

Colleen- Or, Mrs. Lear as I call her, is my boss. The owner of Beans Coffee Shop. Like I mentioned earlier, we have a great relationship. Ya see, her daughter is Melissa, and if you haven't caught on Melissa will become my sister-in-law on September 15!! So Mrs. Lear is like family. It's really great having such a close boss because when I have to get jaw surgery she understands and allows me time off, for that I am sooo appreciative.

Gilda- Gilda, is our "mom" figure at Beans. She's the oldest of the group, but still fits in with all us youngins. Gilda gives great advice and is always there for you. She's sort of the core of the group, she holds us all together and brings us back to reality during the day when we've drifted off to la-la land.

Allison- Or, "sassy." Al, quickly became one of my good friends. We get along great, and have many similar interests. She's the same age as me, and is a good balance to my usual crazy. A big follower of God, and truly a nice person. Working with Al is always great, we just laugh the whole day which makes the hours fly by. Her family is great, too, such a fun and friendly group they are.

Hannah- Much like Allison, Hannah and I became good friends too. Although, she moved back to PA, I'm still including her like she still is a Beans worker. She came in as our baker, and left as a barista (which is basically a coffee/drink maker person.) Luckily, Hannah and I get along because we are 100% complete opposites. I don't think there is one thing we agree on. But somehow we still managed to become, and stay, friends.

Amanda- Again, I became quick friends with Amanda. She has a crazy side like me, and we get along great. She's a student at Akron University so I only work with her in the summer or while she's on break. One of my favorite nights working at Beans was when I was training Amanda; we had so many laughs.

Shannon/Meghan- The Lear girls. I love both of them. They're Melissa's younger sisters, and my friends. Shannon is a student at Ohio University so I don't always have the privilege of working with her (only on breaks and summer) and Meghan is still a youngin' in high school so she doesn't work too much, she's still learning the ropes. Shannon and I get along great, we've had so many great times (in and outside of work), and Meghan is such a sweetheart, I don't know how anyone could not like her.

Kaitlyn- She's the craziest one. Even crazier than me (not that I'm super wild or anything, but still.) She's insane, and I love it. Kaitlyn has sooo many stories, and she's not afraid to tell you all of them. They're always so funny and wild.. I love it. She gives you a break from the work day with her stories, you drift off to a different world for a second. It's nice.

Emalie- The conservative one, and complete opposite of Kaitlyn. She's super nice, easily one of the nicest people I've ever met. I didn't have the pleasure to work with her a lot because she worked during the week while I had school, and unfortunately she recently left us for bigger and better things.

Sam- I get along pretty well with same, too. She's a few years younger than I am, and just graduated high school. Also, a big follower of God. We don't have too much in common but we're still friends, we enjoy poking fun at each other.

Well, that's my Beans family. And I love them all. They're great... like frosted flakes!

life is good

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  1. Aww this is so sweet, Cass! Maybe I should quit my job and work there! :o)


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