Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bridal Shower!

On July 1st I hosted//attended my very first Bridal Shower, for none other than Melissa -my almost sister-in-law. Here's how it went...

The room. We had it at a restaurant//banquet place in Willoughby, Ohio called Dino's. 

Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea, beverage table.

Melissa's seat, at the head table. Along side her Bridal Party.

Melissa's very own Bridal Shower mug.

 The centerpieces. We did all different colors, blue/pink/yellow/purple/green. The board thing is a magnetic bulletin board, equipped with a magnetic flower. Two wine glasses, different sizes, turned upside down and holders for the candles, with yellow/white flowers underneath.

We organized three games to be played: How Well Do you Know the Bride and Groom, He Said She Said, and What's in your Purse. All three were big hits, and super easy to make. Winners of the games got to take home the centerpieces, and of course, Melissa got one too. We also passed out post-it notes and had everyone write down a 'date night' idea. With the invites we also sent out recipe cards so the guests could share their favorite family recipe with Randy and Melissa. I of course gave Melis my pudding shot recipe. If you've never made or tried pudding shots you have to! They're waayyy better than jello shots. Next time I make them I'll share my recipe.

The party favor table.

Our favors.. wine bottles with personal labels that say, "Thank You! Randy & Melissa 9-15-12" and homemade flower wine stoppers. Everyone loved these!

For lunch Dino's served: Chicken Marsala and Stuffed Cabbage, along with red skin roasted potatoes, rigatoni pasta, and roasted eggplant. It was all delish, well what I ate at least.. I dont like rigatoni or eggplant.

and cupcakes for dessert!

Everyone had a great time, and everything went smoothly. I was really proud of how everything turned out considering I had never even attended a bridal shower before, let alone hosted one. Randy and Melissa got a bunch of great gifts, too!

life is good

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