Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Today I'm linking up with All Things Lovely for my first ever Thursday Thirteen!

I know I could pull off an It's Okay Thursday, because well there are a few things that could be better.. but it's okay -like the fact that I completely spilled the mop bucket at work last night. Oops!

And, I could also do a Thankful Thursday, because there are a few things.. well a lot of things.. to be thankful for -like the fact that it didn't rain on Monday and the Indians won. Or the fact that my boss wasn't mad that I spilled the mop water everywhere and she helped me clean it up.

But, instead I'm doing a Thursday Thirteen, all about my hometown -which I love.

Chardon, Ohio

1. Chardon is the heart of the snow belt here in Ohio. We get more snow in my little town than any other city in Ohio, and rank pretty high within the United States.
2. Chardon is a small town. Filled with pizza places, gas stations, and banks. As of recently, we finally expanded and got a Walmart. Crazy, I know!
3. There is next to nothing to do in my small town, so if you want to see a movie, have more than 3 options of a restaurant, or shop at a decent store, we drive to Mentor, Ohio. About 25 minutes away.

4. Before February 27, 2012, most people had no idea where Chardon was or that it even existed. After said day, I bet most people in the United States now know we exist. All because of a horrible, tragic, painful, unnecessary shooting at my High School. I cannot wait until we become a no-name town again... if that happens.

5. Chardon sports teams coined the phrase "one heartbeat".

6. Chardon has freezing cold winters, and blazing hot summers. 

7. Chardon has four seasons. Winter, Almost Winter, Still Winter, and Construction. There's not much of a spring or fall in there. It's either freezing or hot.

8. Chardon has a square, in the heart of the town, that burned down in 1868. It has since been rebuilt, and is the most known place in Chardon. It seems like every road leading in/out of the town is connected to it.

9. Chardon is home of the Hilltoppers. 

10. Chardon is located about an hour east of Cleveland, and south of Lake Erie.

11. Chardon is known for maple syrup. Every year we even have our annual Maple Festival. Our syrup is delicious, and the best I've ever had.

12. Chardon is becoming a more popular place to live, growing slightly each year.

13. Within driving distance of Chardon is a few great amusement parks. Kings Island (my favorite), and Cedar Point. Two fairly inexpensive vacation destinations.

life is good


  1. Hey! Thanks for linking up with Miranda and me! I love hearing about new places :)

    I hope you have an awesome weekend planned!

    <3 Jamie

    1. I most definitely have an awesome weekend planned!

  2. Cassie, thank you for linking up!! :) I'm so glad you chose T13 out of the other choices for this week <3 How funny about the winters in Ohio! I can definitely imagine how incredibly cold it must be.

    1. It gets pretty chilly here, that's for sure! hahah gotta love it though.


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