Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beer Olympics

My family hosted the 1st annual Lane-Rice Beer Olympics on July 28th, but with vacation and everything I couldn't blog about it until now.

We had teams of two::
myself & Malone - Team Black Out

Randy & cousin Curtis - The Naturals

Mom & Aunt - Lady Hornets

Dad & Uncle - Team USA

Brian & cousin Josh - Team Illegal

Melissa & sister Shannon - Team Lear Farts

We played single elimination brackets for each event. A total of 6 events in all.

First up was Kan-Jam, which is a frisbee kinda game. After that we played Frisbeer, which is another frisbee game. Both are fun to play, but its hard to do when the wind is intense.. and of course on the one day we have the Beer Olympics it's a damn artic tundra outside. Anyways, after Frisbeer was corn hole -which Team Black Out (my team) went to the finals in, we lost the championship game against my Dad and Uncle -who are two of the best corn hole players I know. Fourth up was Beer Die -which Team Black Out also went to the finals in, we lost the championship to Randy and Curtis. The fifth game was Beer Pong. And finally we played Flip Cup -which Team Black Out won! Overall Brian & Josh won the Beer Olympics, but Team Black Out got an honorable 2nd place!! Not too shabby!

It was a really fun time, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner.


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