Wednesday, August 15, 2012


That's right the Lane family went to Las Vegas, and you better believe we left our mark.

Go big or go home.

Vegas was so much fun, unbelievable really. The perfect place for a getaway before coaching/school/work etc starts up again. And, I was able to knock off a few things on my 101 list!

Day One::
We flew out of CLE at about 1pm, before take off we enjoyed lunch at Panini's and a few beverages. I tried the Lake Erie Sunrise -which was delish! We landed in Vegas around 2pm -don't forget there's a time change! We checked into our hotels (that's plural, because Mrs. Fellows and Scott came with us -family friends of ours.. actually I've been friends with Scott since I was 3 years old!) Anyways, we stayed at the Mirage, while Scott and his mom stayed at Caesar's Palace. I personally love the Mirage. Its not super big, like MGM, but it's still really nice. After check-in we ate at Margaritaville, and gambled the rest of the night.

Day Two::
Started the day off by relaxing at the pool, after eating the Mirage's breakfast buffet. YUM! We walked around the strip for a while checking out other hotels -Caesar's, and Bellagio. Lunch was at Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill, where I had the BEST shrimp po-boy, and a Southern Kiss. That evening we saw Terry Fator perform. He's a ventriloquist, and boy is he good! He sang a bunch of songs using the puppets, it was ridiculously good, and hilarious too! The night ended with more gambling and drinking.

Day Three::
Relaxed by the pool again in the morning, and for lunch myself, Dad, and Brian went to Hot N Juicy Crawfish. Man vs Food (a TV show on Travel Channel) ate there once, so when we went to Vegas last year we ate there for the first time and man is it delicious! So of course we had to go again. Love me some spicy crawfish. To get there from the strip you have to take a cab, which we did, but to return back we decided the Rio hotel/casino wouldn't be too far of a walk. So we walked. About two miles. In the Vegas heat. Not the best decision, but definitely makes for a good story. By the time we made it to the Rio we were all sweating, Brian looked like he just got out of a pool! Anyways, after that we all went downtown for the evening. I love going downtown, the whole strip is undercover and lit up with a bunch of lights. They even do light shows -it's really cool!

Day Four::
Friday, my oldest brother Randy flew in with 15 or so of his buddies for his bachelor party. They went and did their own thing while myself, Mom, and Mrs. Fellows gambled the night away.. after eating at another buffet of course. By the way, every buffet we ate at was absolutely delicious.

Day Five::
By this time we've switched hotels and are now at the Flamingo. We made the switch because my mom gets comped rooms so instead of paying for two more nights at Mirage we got free nights at Flamingo. Just another day of eating buffets, gambling, and drinking. Myself, Mom, and Mrs. Fellows went downtown again and saw Bret Michaels perform -it was super crowded, but really fun.

Day Six::
Sunday, the last day. More buffets, packing, last minute gambling, and a few more drinks before boarding the plane back to CLE.

The flight landed at about midnight, and we arrived home around 1:30am.
I had the best time, with some really awesome people. Definitely a trip to remember! :)

life is good

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