Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Thank you for being here now. But why did it take you so long? Next time please go faster. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Dear Chardon 7th Grade Volleyball Girls, Congrats on making the team! Let's make this season a memorable one, fun and successful! Go Toppers!

Dear Summer, Can you please just last a little bit longer? Just a little?

Dear Beans Customers, Stop being so annoying. When I have to work, and coach, and do 85 other things that day I don't want to deal with you or your nonsense.

Dear Followers, Thanks for following! It's weird to think people are actually semi-interested in my below average, yet hectic, life.

Dear Randy and Melissa, It's almost the big day!!!! yahoo!

Dear Bank Account, Can't you just expand yourself without me having to work? It's 2012, there's got to be way.. is there an App for that?

Dear Chardon Volleyball Alumni, It was great seeing those of you who came the other day, and playing volleyball.

Dear Wrist, Please stop killing me every time I scoop ice cream. It makes it that much harder for me to get the stupid ice cream out of the container when I can't even move my hand. And, Arthritis, I'm only 22 years old -go find someone else to infest first, you can come back when I'm 80 if you really have to, but 22? Give me a break!


  1. I'm in Florida so I can't wait for Summer to fade away. I love cooler months with less humidity!

    Hope your wrist stops hurting soon!
    Here's My F.L.

    1. I wouldn't be able to live in Florida, too hot for me. Great letters!


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