Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Update - Jessie's Wedding!

This week was busy busy busy for me. Between work and coaching and running various errands I had no time to breathe.. I haven't even fully unpacked from Vegas -thats how little time I had to do other things.

Coached 8-10am, then worked 11-4. Afterwards I had plans with my couch and TV. I did next to nothing the rest of the night, besides watch Ghost Adventures. That is until I got a text from my good friend Erin asking me to join her and Janel for drinks. So fully exhausted still I went out because... yolo. Yes, I just said yolo. It was a fun time, as always. We went to a little bar, and then to a house party.

Back to work 8am - 3pm. Then my family attended my 2nd cousins wedding reception. Let's just say that was a great time. All the Lanes together celebrating, what could be better? Wonderful reception, wonderful people.

Tweets of the night:
     - "psyching kids out" since 2012. @wopski43
     - drinking Jizz in a glass... whaaattt?! #LaneWedding
     - "someone's bringing a cooler up, that must be a Lane" #LaneWedding

Recovery day, all day. 

life is good 

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