Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chicken Nugget Day

Yesterday, September 12, was Chicken Nugget Day for the Lane family. Yes, we really celebrate a chicken nugget day, don't judge us! Okay, I'll let you judge us. Ya see, it was the first day Randy tried his first McDonalds chicken nugget years ago.. 23 years ago I believe. So every year a family friend buys Randy chicken nuggets.

It's okay that...

we lost our game yesterday.

I already know I will feel like crap on Sunday, after a night of celebrating.

I get sick once a year, and of course, I get a cold the week before the wedding.

Erin and I got lost Tuesday and couldn't go through with our original plans.

Erin and I went to Melt instead -that place is delish!

I missed a pepper packing party, because of volleyball.

volleyball is making me miss things here and there, I have a great team and I absolutely love coaching them.

I have so much to do these next few days.

I just tried to change the channel and realized the remote control is on the other side of the room.

Hilltopper Football: Won their third game, and are now 3-0.
Topper Volleyball: Won Tuesday, but lost Wednesday. 3-2.
Bucks: Move to  2-0 defeating Central Florida.
Browns: Lost their first game, surprise surprise. Although it was pretty close, it's still a loss. 0-1.
GBPackers // STLRams: Both lost. 0-1 and 0-1.
Chi-town Bears: Won, 1-0.
Oregon, Bama, OKSooners: All won, 1-0 for all.

life is good

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