Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm still under-the-weather. However, I'm loving this weather outside, it definitely feels like Fall now, and football.
So I'm sitting on my comfy couch (anyone ever watch The Big Comfy Couch growing up?) with BigRed. For those of you who don't personally know me, which is everyone but Melissa, BigRed is a giant red blanket.. the giantest, softest, warmest blanket known to man. And I'm bringing you my top five favorite foods, a day late.
Cincinnati Skyline Chili
(which I've written about, here too)
my favorite food. It's spaghetti pasta, with skyline chili, topped with cheddar cheese, and it is delish! You can also add chopped onions, or kidney beans, if that's what you like. Oyster crackers go well with it, and of course, some hot sauce is a must.

The American Hamburger.
Hamburger, not cheeseburger for me please (no, I'm not lactose intolerant, or anything like that, I'm just not a big cheese person.) I love me a good burger. And load it up -lettuce, tomato, ketchup, bacon, hot sauce, load it.

Cookies, Candy, Ice Cream, Cake, Cupcakes, etc.
Ice cream is my favorite dessert, but if it has sugar in it I'm sure I'll love it. You could say I'm addicted. My favorite would be... chocolate moose tracks topped with some redi-whip and peanuts. YUM!

Momma Lane's Chicken Parmesan.
Again, anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT like spaghetti sauce. I dont want it on my pizza, or spaghetti, or mozzarella sticks, or anything. Its gross, don't put it by me. But, I can handle plain jane tomato sauce. And thats exactly how my mom makes her Chicken Parm. Next time she makes it maybe I'll share the recipe with y'all. It's a winner fo sho.

Perdue Chicken Nuggets.
Of course a Lane's food list wouldn't be complete without chicken nuggets.
Any chicken nugget is good, don't get me wrong. But my mom buys Perdue. You can buy them frozen or refrigerated, both are wonderful. An honorable mention nugget would be TGI Friday's chicken strips, if you haven't had them I'd definitely order them next time you hit up a TGIF.

There ya have it folks. My favorite foods.

life is good


  1. You just made my tummy growl so loud! Chili on spaghetti, what is this that I've never heard of in life?

    1. haha my bad. You must try it, it's delish!!


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