Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe In...

I believe in...
always giving 100%.

forgiving, but not forgetting.

keeping your inner child alive no matter how old you get.

writing everything down on a calendar.

laughing, laughing a lot.

staying true to yourself, and standing up for yourself.

a firm handshake.

sitting around a bonfire with country music playing loud.

The Ohio State Buckeyes.

that one day the Browns will win the Superbowl.

karma, and always doing the right thing.

making life decisions in the shower.

orange juice being the best cold remedy.

that a good laugh and a good sleep can cure anything.

best friends.

the random moments being the best memories.

taking pictures.

"it is what it is"

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging.

saying 'dude' before something mildly important.

talking to yourself when needed.

saying 'ouch' even if it didn't hurt.


being there for your friends, no matter what.

there, their, they're, your, and you're.

Googling anything and everything.


laughing at your own jokes.

restarting a song if you miss your favorite line.

using my cell phone to get out of awkward situations.

country being country wide.


the power of prayer.

"don't stop believing."

staying up late, and sleeping in.

God and guardian angels.

that family should always come first, always.

giving respect, and getting respect.

thats what she said jokes.

reality tv.

having the windows down, and the music up, while driving.

the spirit of Christmas.

Nickelodeon, Disney, and ABC Family.

celebrating holidays.

wishing others 'Happy Birthday'.

"life is good."

singing loud and proud.

ice cream, and dessert.

baseball. "how can you not be romantic about baseball."

movie quotes.


  1. Great list!

    xo, Emily

  2. Country music is awesome--and I love how you believe in the clarification between there and their, etc. If only more people did!

    1. it is awesome, isn't it?! haha thank you, it drives me insane.

  3. Fun list. Thanks for sharing. I talk to myself too. It's what we say to ourselves that matters.

    1. thanks! sometimes we need expert advise, hahah


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