Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Okay

It's okay that...

I still have congestion in my nose, even though it's been like two weeks.

I've been pounding my body with Vitamin C.

Emergen-C is one of the grossest tasting things on this planet.

we won our game Tuesday!

the Browns are 0-3.. there's always next year.

I have to work during the Ohio State game on Saturday -thank God for smart phones.

I haven't been able to sleep good with this cold.

it finally feels like Fall outside!

I drank my first hot chocolate of the season already, and it's not even October yet.

my throat was hurting and that's why I drank the hot chocolate.

I've been pinning like crazy lately, but haven't linked up on Wednesday in while.

I already have two posts about Randy/Melissa's wedding, and I know there's going to be more.

this is my longest "it's okay" list I've ever made.

I had no clue Seth MacFarlane did all of those character voices. Amazing!

this is the last season of The Office. No, actually that's not okay.

Happy Thursday!
life is good


  1. I've been pinning a lot too but haven't had time to actually make anything. Boo.

    I need to have hot chocolate pronto. Thanks for reminding me!

    Found you from the linkup. Newest follower!


    1. Thanks for the follow! I'll definitely have to check out your blog as well.

  2. vitamin c is my best friend on every occasion!

    Have a great day! Stop by and say hello! :)

    1. It certainly does a body good. Hope you have a great day as well!

  3. I actually like the pink lemonade Emergen-C for some reason. Ha! New follower via the link up. Stop by and say hi! :)


    1. I haven't tried the pink lemonade kind, just the orange and raspberry. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the follow!


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