Friday, September 28, 2012

The Joys of Coaching

 I absolutely love coaching middle schoolers. They always make me laugh with their crazyness.

Before I share this story, let me just say... I'm TWENTY-TWO. Not fifteen. Or twelve. Or any other number. I am twenty-two, going on twenty-three (in November). I do understand that I look like I'm a teenager, and I'm well aware that I get carded every time I buy alcohol or while buying a ticket for an R rated movie.

Okay, with that said, I coach middle school (as stated above), 7th grade to be exact -meaning they're around twelve years old. One of my girls told me mid-game "I told my mom you had a boyfriend and she said 'isn't she a little young' and I said 'Mom she's like 15 she's old enough to date'" True story. I laughed SO hard. The kind of laughter where your eyes start watering uncontrollably, and you don't even make a sound you're just sitting there dying. Right in the middle of our game -which we won by the way! One of my girls thought I was 15. 15!!!

1) If I was fifteen that would mean I was in high school, couldn't drive, and would still be a volleyball player myself. Definitely not a coach.

2) I currently do not have a boyfriend, although the team thinks I have a boyfriend named cilantro. Why? I have no idea. Kids... gotta love them.

I love coaching.

The high school always does a Youth Night. Where the middle school teams, and CYO teams are introduced in-between JV and Varsity games. It also gives the younger girls an opportunity to see how different the playing levels are from middle school to high school. Anyways, that was yesterday. I got to see so many people! A few of the girls I coached last year (I always love seeing them), a couple parents of the girls I coached last year, family friends, and my high school volleyball coach! I had a good time talking to them all. I even got to see a few of my past players play in the JV match (which they won!) and one of my players even made Varsity as a Freshman! Go Toppers!

Hilltopper Football: 5-0! Big game tonight, Go Toppers!
Volleyball: 5-3. Not too bad for 7th grade.
Buckeyes: 4-0 ..big game against MichSt on Saturday.
Browns: 0-4 ..there's always next year.
Pack: 1-2 ..surprised about that, but they did get raped by the refs Monday night.
Chi-Town: 2-1
Rams: 1-2
ODucks: 4-0 ..killed, destroyed, demolished Arizona.
OkSooners: 2-1 upset by Kansas St.
Bama: 4-0

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