Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Postcard

Hey y'all!

Today Nathan over at Life and Everything Else In-between is bringing me/us a brand new link-up! It's called Tuesday's Postcard, or The Tuesday Postcard, whichever you prefer. The idea is to write ONE 'postcard' to someone or something -doesn't matter. So go check it out and link-up, too!

Dear Mr & Mrs Lane,
AKA: Randy and Melissa. This is kinda backwards isn't it? I'm writing a postcard to you guys when you're the ones who could really send me one. I hope you're having fun on your honeymoon in Hawaii. But Ohio misses you, so come back soon and safe please. I hope you're enjoying drinks with little umbrellas in the sand while eating tropical fresh foods. Just be sure to stay off that well kept grass and stay out of the birds' way. Oh, and maybe snag a souvenir for your favorite sister/sister-in-law ;)  Anyways, I'll see ya guys when you return to the Buckeye state. Love you both, have a drink for me!

Team Blackout Captain, Volleyball Coach, Party Extraordinaire.

This was fun! And I know it seems like I cheated by writing it to two people, when we're only supposed to do one, but they're kind of like one person now.. so it works, right?
By the way I should explain that the newlyweds sent a video that stated how the grass was 'well kept' and how the birds 'just don't care'. Also, whenever Randy and I e-mail each other for any reason we always write silly, yet mostly true, things for our signatures. 

life is good


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