Monday, September 24, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Just kidding, Randy! You're not a beast. Well, actually depends how you look at it.. because in the Lane family, it's a compliment.

Anyways, let's talk WEDDING DAY! Hooray!

September 15, 2012, Randy (my older brother) married Melissa. Exciting, right?!

The morning started off bright and early with hair appointments. Then after a quick stop at Giant Eagle for additional alchy, it was off to LaMalfa Party Center (where the reception was held) to get ready with the girls.

Ceremony time! After a few cold ones, and by cold ones I mean vodka and champagne, not beer. It was time to walk down the isle. I was paired with Johnny, Malone's oldest brother. Which I was glad about because I've known him basically my whole life. Now don't get me wrong all the groomsmen are great, and are like brothers to me, many I've known most of my life, so I would have been fine with any of them. The ceremony was FANTASTIC! Beautiful weather, right on the lake (Lake Erie), and a phenomenal crowd of friends and family. It was really nice. Melissa and Randy both looked awesome, too.


 Finally, after tons of pictures (can I add that the photographers were super great), it was reception time!  For the bridal party intros Johnny piggy-backed me into the room while I was holding my flask (yes, our gifts from the Bride and Groom were flasks.. they know us so well) high in the air, and twirling part of the dress like a cowgirl or something. It was funny, and definitely a good entrance.

Here's the Bridesmaids' flask.

Everyone made their speeches, all went really well. Food was delivered, it was delish -steak and shrimp with potatoes and veggies. Finished off by a night of drinking and dancing -Country Boy Can Survive, Cupid Shuffle, and Call Me Maybe, among other awesome songs. Oh, and did I mention they had a photo booth? Yepp. That was awesome, really great idea and really fun, too. I can't wait for the company to post the pictures on their website. Once they do I'll share them with y'all. Until then, here's the photos that myself or Mom took.

top to bottom//left to right:: the Lane siblings (me, Randy, and Brian);; Hawthorne (Carrie, me, Mrs V, Malone);; Randy and Melissa cutting the cake;; Melis pre-ceremony;; Mr H and me.

top to bottom//left to right:: Randy and Gram Lane;; Aunt Elaine and me;; Melis;; Mom and Randy;; the guys (Brian, Dad, Uncle Mike, Randy) singing Country Boy Can Survive.


  1. You both look BEAUTIFUL, I love the photos. What a gorgeous ceremony too. That flask is hilarious, I hope there's some photo or video evidence of your entrance!!

    1. thanks!! :) I have some video evidence, I'll post it with the other photos. Probably sometime this week.


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