Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If I were a boy...

I saw this one someones blog once, but I read a bunch of great blogs so I can't remember which one I saw it on. If  was yours lemme know so I can give you the credit!

If I were a boy...

I would eat everything and anything I wanted.

I would be a nice guy and not a douchebag.

I would not wear socks with sandals.

I would have played football instead of volleyball.

My parents wouldn't have a daughter, but rather three sons.

I would not wear tighty whiteys ever.

I would wear ball caps.

I would take full advantage of not having to shower daily.

I would be good at video games.

 I wouldn't have been able to see Magic Mike without looking like a weirdo.

I would have more time to do activities because I wouldn't be obsessed with reality TV.

I would respond to text messages within a reasonable time.

I would spend my time outside doing outside things.

I would act like the guys on Duck Dynasty.

I would drive a truck.

I wouldn't have to wait in ridiculously long bathroom lines.

I would never wear v-necks or affliction clothing.

I would have awesome Halloween costume ideas every year.

I would keep my hair short because long hair on guys is weird.

I would have a man crush on Luke Bryan, and Zac Efron.

life is good


  1. What a fun post.

    I'd definitely not wear socks with sandals either. And I may or may not utilize the not showering every single day thing.. maybe every other day. :)

  2. Yes to the no socks with sandals! What is up with those guys?!

    1. it's so weird, and so not attractive!

  3. I would definitely get spanked when I did not behave.

  4. I would definitely get spanked when I did not behave.


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