Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I miss 'em already

Volleyball is officially over. The banquet was quite successful, but I'm going to miss those crazy kids. They were such a fun, hardworking, crazy, amazing, awesome, determined group of young athletes. I really had a blast coaching them.

7th and 8th grade.
8th grade at Joey's

As I said, the banquet went really well. I got the girls magnetic pads of paper for their lockers and wrote a note for each of them, along with a colorful pen. I also printed up a team photo with a little note and laminated them (well my Dad laminated them), and got them plaques too -which turned out really cool. My team was so generous and got me: Dunkin Donuts giftcard, Target giftcard, Darden Restaurants giftcard, Bath&Body Works giftcard, AND a necklace.. aren't they the best?!?! I'm seriously going to miss them all.

one of the many cards I got.

life is good


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