Wednesday, October 31, 2012


the 2nd annual Lane Halloween party took place this past weekend, and just like last year it was amazeballs!

here's how the night went...

we had appearances by...

Amish boys (that's Brian on the right)
a hockey player (dad) and "hairy balls" (uncle)
Paula Deen (mom)
'bad school photo' (Melissa)
Will Ferrell's Cowbell SNL Skit (Randy)
Wilson and Tom Hanks, Cast Away. (the costume contest winners)

cheese plate (aunt)
I was Flo from Progressive

things occurred like...

pumpkin chugs, aka p-chug
drinking straight from the bottle
and myself//Melissa caking each other
it was such a fun night, as you can see. we played drinking games, and had jello//pudding shots, and sang//danced, etcetc.

Wilson and Tom Hank's character won the costume contest, and Brian's Amish crew took 2nd. MrMalone who was a 'Christmas shopper' got worst costume, his punishment was a p-chug. A pumpkin chug is just chugging alcohol out of a pumpkin. I got a few best costume votes for my Flo from Progressive costume. I wasn't really trying to win, I just didn't want to lose.

Now I need to start thinking of a good costume idea for next year.. 

life is good



  1. Great costumes. Looks like everyone had a blast. You should show us a better shot of your costume!!! :) I love Flo!


    1. I wish I had a better picture to show, I even had a 'name your own price' scanner. but it definitely was a great time!

  2. I love all of these!! I love you as Flo, that's hilarious! Definitely hard to beat the Wilson and Tom Hanks though. And the "p-chug" is fantastic.

    1. haha thanks! I even had a 'name your own price' scanner, I wish I had a better picture. I think Melissa has a few.

  3. I do have a few! Cassie, I will post them on Facebook and you can get them off of there! So much fun caking eachother, by the way.


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