Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"everybody let's take shots!"

My house is still standing despite these gusts of wind, and heavy rain. Prayers go to all those further east whom lost homes, vehicles, etc. I hope everyone stays safe until Sandy is completely gone. So, if you're stuck inside here's two recipes that could help you feel better.

Jello Shots
step one:
get all the ingredients ready. lots of alcohol, and of course the jello packets.
(any flavor jello will do).

step two:
follow the recipe on the back of the jello box:
pour the packet into a bowl, add one cup of boiling water, stir until dissolved.
then add about a half cup of non-boiling water, and a half cup - full cup of vodka. (depends how strong you want them.) I typically use Pinnacle vodka (because it's cheap for jello shots but still good), but any kind will do.
**that is per box. so if you do two boxes double it. or three triple.**
I made 4 boxes, 2 of each flavor.

step three:
wipe cups with a paper towel sprayed with pam -it will make the jello not stick to the cups and make it easier to eat.
pour it into the little 2oz cups.
and there ya have it, jello shots.

Pudding Shots
 step one:
get all the ingredients ready. lots of alcohol, and of course the pudding packets.
make sure the pudding is INSTANT. not.. NOT.. cook&serve.
any kind of pudding will do, I used chocolate this time, but have also made cookies&cream, and the pistachio flavor is surprisingly good too.

step two:
(this is for 2 four-serving pudding boxes, will make about 50+ using 1oz containers)
in a bowl combine the pudding mix with two cups of milk. stir/mix together really well.
then add one cup of Baileys (or Kahlua, but I use Baileys), and one cup of Vodka (any kind, I use Pinnacle when making treats.. you could also get creative and use a flavored vodka.)

step three:
pour into plastic cups.
I recommend using the smaller 1oz containers instead of the 2oz ones used for jello shots. I've made them in the 2oz containers and felt that it was too much alcohol pudding for a shot. but the 1oz is perfect amount. You could also top with the alcohol infused whip cream if you so desire, or have it handy so people can top it off before they drink it.
*the pudding shots will not harden like the jello shots do, they will be a little liquidy. don't think you messed up because of it. thats just how they are.*

step four:
and there ya have it, pudding shots!

sorry no pictures for the pudding shots. my Dad and Brian helped me make them because of a time crunch, and things got really messy.
but they turned out awesome and were a big hit at the party -as always.

any questions about how I make them, feel free to ask! or if you have a twist on how you make jello//pudding shots please share them with me!

life is good



  1. Awesome!! Thanks girl, I am definitely making pudding shots next!
    I love those cups, I made 1000 jello shots for NYE last year (yeah. 1000) and those stack so nicely.

    1. you're welcome, you'll have to let me know how they turn out whenever you make them! WOW, 1000?! thats crazy but awesome!

  2. Now those are my kind of recipes!! Have a great day~

    1. hahah! you have a great day too! :)


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