Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hope with a dash of Horror

For tonight's volleyball game we're raising money for the American Cancer Society with a 'Spike for Hope' game. Pretty neat, huh? The team (coaches included) purchased pink tshirts for warm-up shirts, and one of the players made pink hairband ribbons. It should be  fun time and a fun game for both schools, and I think we're going to raise a lot of money too! Go Toppers!

 This made me laugh...

Anyone who knows me knows that Michael Myers is my fav horror movie killer. The Halloween series is awesome, and John Carpenter is a genius. "20 more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. 20 more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock"

That's all I have today. Happy Thursday!

life is good


  1. that's awesome! Hope the game went well!

    1. it went really well! we had a great crowed, and we won! I'm not sure how much money we raised yet, but I'm sure it was a good number.


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