Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Very Pinteresting.

Happy Wednesday!!
 I'm loving that...

We beat Geneva yesterday! Our record is now 6-3.

I got to see my Grandma, and that she came to my game.

The Office, Modern Family, Raising Hope, and Parks & Rec are back.

my cold finally went away!

it's October, and Halloween is around the corner.

AMC's Fear Fest is starting next weekend.

Melt is opening a new restaurant only 20 minutes away.

the weather has started to cool down.

you guys didn't think I was too crazy with yesterday's "am I crazy" link-up.

tonight is our last away game.

The Buckeyes beat MichSt!

 Chocolate cake! This looks delish. Someone should totally make this for me. Just saying.

 too funny! (pun not intended.)

 Hooray for Christmas, and Elf.

 Bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed, jalapenos. -My neighbor just made these, they are delish! (I mean it does involve bacon.)


 this made me laugh.

 Mike-a-rita! I must try these.

What are you pinning//loving??
life is good


  1. I want a mike a rita right now! I love the Dougie pin, that's hilarious.

    1. Doesn't it look good?! I may have to make one tonight.. or at least this weekend.

  2. I need that chocolate cake. Like now. Thank you for linking up!


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