Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Postcard Crazy Facts

Do you think I'm crazy because...

I absolutely hate when my food touches?

I say "ruff" instead of roof, and "pellow" instead of pillow?

I put hot sauce on basically everything I eat?

I freeze my Reese's?

I sometimes talk to myself?

when I'm so bored/lazy that I'm sick of being bored/lazy on the couch I lay on the floor?

I never take medication for headaches or mild pain, I just let it run its course?

I think one day the Browns will win the Superbowl?

I watch:: Survivor, Big Brother, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Community, The Office, Last Man Standing, Happy Endings, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Inbetweeners, Melissa&Joey, Impractical Jokers, and The Amazing Race, and I never miss an episode?

after I eat ice cream I usually drink a glass of milk?

I hate the taste of beer?

myself and my family are highly competitive?

my family has it's own lingo (effed, capital, CTT, Team Tard, captain, brewing, how ya doing, doing, are you cereal, are you serious clark, yit, etc)?

my family and I call Alex Trebek "Pat" as in Pat Sajak?

  I prefer texting over calling?

I love watching the Food Network, but don't actually cook?

I hate spaghetti sauce, cinnamon, caramel, celery, and sausage?

Dear Gram,
It was nice talking to you the other day, even if it was just on the phone. Once my life calms down a bit after volleyball we'll have to grab some lunch and/or dinner, maybe even a trip to Legacy. I hope you can make it to my game tonight. If not, it's not big deal, but if you can I'd love to see you. I always enjoy our crazy adventures, and its been a while since we've gone on one. I think the Brad Paisley concert this past summer was the last hoo-rah we had. Hope all is well, maybe I'll see ya later. Love you!
 With Love,

Fact: October is the best month ever. (according to Randy, and I have to agree it is a great month.)
Fact: Bears eat beets. (name that show....)
Fact: Randy made his status about October being the best, and I commented on it saying "Bears eat beets. Fact." doing this is making me think about that, for obvs reasons. 
 Fact: I'm pretty busy most of October, or at least on the weekends.
Fact: I started writing September for that last one instead of October. Oops!
Fact: This is my first "The Fact Is" link-up. 
Fact: This past weekend was pretty fun, read about it HERE.
Fact: Melissa is back in the blog world!

Three films! Of course I'm linking-up for this one. I love movies, and I absolutely love my top three favorite movies of all time. By the way, Lauren and Tiffany, I think this is one awesome link-up, so thank you! :)

The Sandlot. 
It's funny, and sports related, and totally '90s. How can you not love this movie, I mean seriously. If you haven't seen this movie, first off: you're killing me smalls (I couldn't help myself), second: you need to go watch it right now, and third: if you think its a stupid movie or anything like that all I have to say is, "if you were thinking you wouldn't have thought that" - Squints. Gosh, I love this movie. I love the hilarious one-liners. I love the baseball. I love Benny 'the jet' Rodriguez. I love that I still get chills when Benny steals home at the end. I love that Smalls is the announcer at the end. I love that I've seen this movies 574964 times and I still crack up. I love that Benny pickles the Beast. I love all the guys nicknames (yaya, ham, squints, smalls). I love everything!

Remember The Titans.
Again, how can you not love this movie?! It's so fantastic. It's about football, and camaraderie, and learning that the color of skin doesn't mean anything. I love the story. I love the characters. I love how they come together as a team. I love their singing and dancing. I love the memorable quotes: "Do not let them gain another yard! We blitz all night!" ;; "you make sure that they remember, forever, the night that they played the Titans" ;; "zero fun sir." ;; "Left side" "Strong side". I love this whole movie!

The Proposal.
I'm going with The Proposal, although Due Date and Halloween and The 'Burbs are close. The Proposal is hilarious, I crack up every time I watch it, not to mention Ryan Reynolds. Oscar from The Office, that guy is in the movie and his character is HILARIOUS. I can't even handle it. And at the end when they're doing the interview things oh my goodness I cry laughing. Plus I think Sandra Bullock is a phenomenal actress. My favorite scene is when Sandra is in the woods with Betty White and she starts singing that rap/hip-hop song -so freaking funny!

Now I want to go watch all three of these movies.
Maybe this weekend I'll have a movie marathon of all my favorites. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Happy Tuesday!!
life is good



  1. Remember the Titans was based on a high school that is 10 mins from me. :)

    I prefer texting over calling and also try not to take meds for my headaches and migraines. Sometimes, it's just necessary for survival though.

    I don't like the taste of beer either. Malt liquor is okay, but beer? Gag.

    My family, mainly my Dad, makes up random words too. It's pretty funny because outsiders (like spouses) sometimes are guessing what we're talking about. Ha.

    The Sandlot is a classic. Love it!


    1. so maybe I'm not crazy after all! hooray! hahah

  2. I love remember the titans and the proposal! some of my favorite movies!

  3. My ex-boyfriend REFUSED for his food to touch and he ate each portion before touching a different portion...he was crazy though. That's why he's an ex. I do not think you are crazy!!! I know lots of people that hate their food to touch!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  4. I know every single word to The Sandlot! Seriously one of the best movies of all time. Great pics!

  5. what a fun post! but you know what else is fun? letting your food touch. :) sorry, but I am that girl who at TG dinner puts a little turkey, a little gravy, some green beans, and potatoes all together. Ha!

    1. hahah! so maybe I am a little crazy..


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