Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update - Halloween Party

 Randy's birthday dinner was at Bahama Breeze -YUM! I got the Shrimp Linguine, which was delish, and I tried a mojito for the first time. I know I know, how haven't I tried a mojito yet, lame. and I'm upset that I haven't before cause it was amazeballs!

Brian and Randy with their Bahamarita's
1: Baham Breeze, or Bahama Breeze?  2: Strawberry Mojito
I made 70 jello shots, and a ton of pudding shots. I'll share my recipes in a separate post sometime this week. After I finished those my family went to the NDCL - Lake Catholic football game (highschool), to support two guys who are like brothers to me, Marky and Anthony. They ended up winning the game too! It was a bit cold outside and drizzling with rain but it was definitely fun! GO LIONS!

I worked 8-530. It was a long day, and I had some really strange customers, but it was easy to get through the day because I had the 2nd Annual Lane Halloween Party to look forward to. Which was AWESOME. (pictures and more to come later). and my Buckeyes went to 9-0!!! #UrbanRenewal #BuckeyeNation

Recovering day. Also watched the Brownies win their second game! Here we go Brownies, here we go! woof woof! 2-6.

 10/22-10/28 Goals
1:: Finish my Halloween costume. I was Flo from Progressive.
2:: Make an ortho appt. Made the appt and already had said appt, double win!
3:: finish cleaning my room (dusting, vacuuming, laundry, etc). -oops.
4:: Get Randy's birthday present together. I got him giftcard to Dick's Sporting Goods (I know, giftcards are lame but when it comes to my brothers/Dad and their hunting stuff I have no idea what they need or want.) and also protein granola bars.
5:: Have a successful banquet for the volleyball girls. it went really well (read here).

not too shabby. 4 out of five isn't bad. although I have been slacking on my cleaning my room. I was just busy. this week will be different... maybe.

10/29-11/4 Goals
1:: clean my room (dust, vacuum, laundry.. etc).
2:: make progress on my dvd organization.
3:: catch up on tv shows I dvred.
4::carve my pumpkin.
5:: survive hurricane Sandy.

Now just gotta get through this week filled with cold temps, and lots of rain. Be nice Hurricane Sandy!
 life is good



  1. Can't wait to see the pudding shots recipe! I haven't tried a mojito yet either, it's on my list.
    Yay for the party! I'm excited to see the costumes!

    1. at least I wasn't the only one then, I thought the mojito was quite delicious you'll definitely have to try it!

  2. Found you via the 5 for Five link-up and I'm your newest follower! Flo is an awesome costume idea-- do you have pictures?

    -Sarah @ A Buckeye in Badgerland

    1. thanks for the follow! I do have pictures, they'll be posted sometime this week!

  3. Oh I LOVE Bahama Breeze- yum!! I may have to make my way there sometime soon :) You did an awesome job last week, lady! Way to go! You have some FUN goals this week- carving pumpkins and catching up on TV?! Count me in! Have a great week and STAY SAFE! Thanks for joining us again this week!

    1. since I did so well last week I figured I'd give myself an easy week, especially with this giant storm headed my way!

  4. Good job meeting your goals last week! I love your Halloween costume - great idea!! Thanks for linking up!


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