Friday, November 16, 2012

the 90s were all that

ya know what frustrates me? the fact that dvds weren't invented early enough. or the fact that they were invented at all, although they're much smaller than vhs. that's not the point. I grew up watching some pretty awesome television shows that no longer seem to exist in this world, besides a select few, and watching some pretty awesome disney channel original movies that only exist on vhs if at all, again, besides a select few.

I want to own them, I want to watch them, I want to relive my childhood.. for a little at least.

I can't remember exactly, I think I was on pinterest.. but who knows really.. the point is, I stumbled across the movie Smart House being available on Netflix and almost died of happiness. anyone remember that dcom? so then I thought 'hey, I wonder what other brilliant movies from my childhood are available' so I searched and searched. and although there were some good ones that I def added to my queue (Halloweentown, PUNKS, Heavyweights, The Cheetah Girls, The Even Stevens Movie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Cadet Kelly, Get A Clue, and even Miracle In Lane 2 and Cow Belles cause I figured why the hell not) I was depressed to see some of the greats not available.

then I thought 'hey maybe I'll check on ebay or amazon' and they did have more than Netflix, but most were vhs. what the hell am I supposed to do with that? I want dvd. I'm not even asking for bluray cause I'm trying to be realistic, although it is 2012.

so, I figured the next best thing would be to vent about it.. anyone else miss these movies and/or remember them? The Paper Brigade, Treehouse Hostage, Brink, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Johnny Tsunami, Don't Look Under The Bed, Up Up and Away, Alley Cats Strike, Moms Got a Date With a Vampire, Phantom of the Megaplex (personal fav), The Ultimate Christmas Gift, Motocrossed, Luck of the Irish (another fav), You Wish, Right on Track, Eddies Million Dollar Cook Off... just to name a few.

and no I didn't remember all those off the top of my head, I Googled.

...remember in The Paper Brigade when the bully says "ew I stepped in some Gunther" I still quote that to this day. I think Randy will remember this one.

...or when in Alley Cats Strike at the end when the girl spins the bowling ball around her finger and pushes it down the lane and the ball travels at a negative speed? I always thought that was so ridiculous.

...or in Up Up and Away when the boys friend is trying to be all BA and save the superhero family, so the villains hold up foil like it will hurt him cause thats the superheros weakness, and the kid says 'I eat that stuff for breakfast' and shoves it in his mouth then says 'ow my filling'? that always cracked me up, I'm even laughing about it right now.

and not that any of you would know this, but the little brother in Motocrossed looked exactly like one of my brothers friends growing up. it was weird.

anyone remember anything else from one of these awesome movies? what was your favorite?

and don't even get me started on the amazingness that was SNICK, and Boy Meets World.

time for another rendition of...

Dad: "why do you keep hashtagging things?" (he doesn't understand Twitter)

*phone should be ringing but it's not* Mom: "oh, it's cause I'm downloading Adobe on the computer" ;; Me: "no it's not. sorry mom but it's not 1995, we don't have dial-up anymore."

*phone is actually ringing* Dad: "open it up!!!" (he thought I could make the call come through the tv or something..) ;; Me: "sorry dad, it's only 2012, I can't do that"

Mom: "I used to do synchronized swimming by myself when I was little"

Brian: "sometimes I eat my lunch on the way to work"

Happy Friday!
life is good


  1. I loved Disney Channel original movies, Brink was always my favorite. My best friend gets me Disney movies on DVD for every birthday and holiday (her dad has a converter, so he can make it go from VHS to DVD) So far I have Brink, Zenon, Magic Island (if that's disney...), Johnny Tsunami, Motocrossed, probably 10 more!

    1. we have a converter but it doesn't work for movies, I tried. but I guess those aren't real movies, and if it worked for your friend it must work.. I'll have to try it. that would be awesome!! I'm so jealous you own all of those!!

  2. Oh and all the episodes of Bug Juice too!

  3. Replies
    1. you just made my day!! thank you for telling me! I'm so excited!! :)

    2. Your welcome!! When I found it i jumped up and down also!! Haha


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