Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update - #BIZ

first off, let Beat Michigan Week officially begin. MUCK FICHIGAN!

went with Mom to a holiday craft show thing that a family friend puts on every year. all homemade decor, jewelry, baked goods, and hot apple cider.. and well priced too. I got my little cousin a few hair clips that I know she'll just love, and even a festive Christmas clip for myself. Mom bought a snowman lamp, she loves snowmen.. oh and of course we got some cookies. then it was home to hang with the family and watch the Chardon game, unfortunately my Hilltoppers lost, but they had a great season.
snowman lamp, pretty neat huh?

I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll just start at the morning. worked at Beans Coffee Shop like usual. went home and got ready for the Lane/Rice Melt Takeover. first, let me just say that Melt is a delicious local restaurant that has been featured on various FoodNetwork shows. if you ever come to NE Ohio I highly, highly, recommend trying Melt.. just be sure you have time cause there is always a wait, it's that good. we had a 2 1/2 hour wait time, since we had such a large group. during that 2 hours we went to another local restaurant-bar, Hooley House, to drink. I had one awesome beer it was like a cider beer, had a shot of everclear in it, a shot of some kinda raspberry thing, and an apple pie shot, needless to say - it was delish!! and deadly too, drink two of those and you'll be dunzo. I also had a Strawberry Marg, yum. then it was officially time for the Lane/Rice Melt Takeover. I got the "Parmagedon" which is perogis, cheese, sauerkraut, and maybe onions too I don't remember, but it was unbelievably good. accompanied by a "Zombie" which was some kinda fruity cocktail. after the Zombie my cousin, Curtis (Curtis is the same age as me, I've been pretty close with him growing up), and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to order the highest alcohol percentage drink.. and that's what we did. its called the Blithering Idiot, and it is DISGUSTING. but we drank them. friends don't let friends do stupid stuff alone, or in this case, cousins don't let cousins do stupid stuff alone. then we had a Blonde Bombshell, which is just another kinda beer. that's the other great thing about Melt, they have a menu (full menu) just for their drinks. after all of that insaneness, we finished off the night by going to yet another local bar, Just One More.. the Lane/Rice JOM Takeover if you will. the whole night was hilarious, crazy, insane, awesome, etc.

Curtis with his Blithering Idiot
Curtis, Lauren, Me, being "Blithering Idiot Zombies"

THE COUNTDOWN TO THE 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BEGAN!! I lovelovelove Christmas, and everything about it -movies, shows, decor, music, spirit, everything. and my Browns lost, boo.

sidenote: Saturday was the craziest//awesomest day of football ever. both Kansas St and Oregon lost in big upsets, Kent State beat BGSU, Kirtland (high school) came back to win after being down 24-0 at the half, Mentor (high school) took a risk in triple OT with a 2pt conversion to win and pulled it off, and my Buckeyes stay undefeated with another W.

11/12-11/18 Goals
1:: drink more water (carry over).
2:: eat healthier (carry over).
3:: start getting a Black Friday plan together.
4:: organize my movie collection.
5:: put a screen protector on my Mom's iPhone, and other little tasks I've been putting off.

I still drank more water than usual, but less than last week so I only italicized it. I also, ate a little healthier, but it was Dads birthday so cheesecake was involved.. and the Melt trip I talked about. since I only count italics as halves, this week I get a 3/5. not horrible.

11/19-11/25 Goals
1:: have a successful//fun Black Friday.
2:: enjoy Thanksgiving with my family//friends.
3:: finalize plans for the Cavs game.
4:: go to the Ortho.
5:: watch 25 Days of Christmas. :)

how was your weekend?
life is good


  1. Haaahahaha, Cassie, that zombie photo is fabulous!

    Also, YAY for the KState upset! Sic 'em, Bears!

    Happy Monday!

  2. LOVE that watching 25 days of Christmas is on your list! Thanks for linking up with us again :)

    1. I lovelovelove 25 Days of Christmas :)


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